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By pressing down a special key, it plays a little melody…

OOC: One of the things I harp on is please please please don’t try to be funny in my ask box. We’re a comedy team, you and I, you provide the setup, I provide the punchlines. If you try to steal the show, it’s not gonna work, cus noone’s gonna see it unless I make a comic out of it, and I can’t do that if I don’t have material. 

However, I have this bad habit of getting impossible asks, thinking “this is riddiculous, how am I supposed to make a comic based on this?”… and then I come up with half a dozen ways I could make a comic based on the joke. That way, they’ll never learn…

And if you wonder what the joke is, the anon noticed my little bit of gratuitous german on the mane-iac box here,and where reffering to the band Neu! which I mostly know for having inspired the name of Negativland, a sound collage band.

OOC: See this comic for context.

OOC: Oookay, maybe this one needs a little explanation. In my country, Sweden, we have this tradition where children dress up as “påskkärringar” (easter witches) on holy thursday and goes around to houses begging for candy, much like you do on Halloween. 

This come from the belief that on thursday before easter, witches would travel on broomsticks (and livestocks, and occasionally sleep paralyzed farmers, but the broomstick thing is what stuck) and meet in Blåkulla (which is supposedly this island), to have a big old party with the devil.

How that piece of folklore got turned into a child-friendly pseudo-halloween tradition, I don’t know, but as a result, we associate witches with Easter.

OOC: Cameos by Coffee Talk, Tracy Flash and Clarion Call (altough it has to be mentioned that much of Clarions true nature has yet to be revealed so it’s quite possible that this will end up an alternative universe version.) 

OOC: Yes, yes it is.

Bill’s Soundtrack

Lucy’s Soundtrack

OOC: I seriously should’ve introduced these guys ages ago. Science fiction fans might recognize “The Mallet of Loving Correction" as the one being wielded by ex-SFWA president John Scalzi as his favorite tool against internet trolls. 

DERPY: I arranged something, this is the best I could do on such a short notice…