From the Desk of Mayor Mare

OOC: Cameos by Coffee Talk, Tracy Flash and Clarion Call (altough it has to be mentioned that much of Clarions true nature has yet to be revealed so it’s quite possible that this will end up an alternative universe version.) 

OOC: Yes, yes it is.

Bill’s Soundtrack

Lucy’s Soundtrack

OOC: I seriously should’ve introduced these guys ages ago. Science fiction fans might recognize “The Mallet of Loving Correction" as the one being wielded by ex-SFWA president John Scalzi as his favorite tool against internet trolls. 

DERPY: I arranged something, this is the best I could do on such a short notice…

OOC: i know this question was directed to the Mayor, but I felt like drawing a Silver Spoon. 

OOC: I get the feeling Filthy Rich isn’t taking this whole “running for mayor”-thing very seriously…

Oh, and as always, there is context.

OOC: See this comic for context. Also, the ask box is reopened, huzzah!

OOC: This will be the last panel in the “what to do with the katana”-arc before I get back to the PLANNED story arc.