Allright, I’m sorry for not updating in a while, updates are coming, I promise. In the meantime, would y’all like to help me out getting the pilot episode of a podcast off the ground? I’ll explain the details:


Jade Singer Presents is a planned podcast-anthology of short pony fiction in the style of classic science fiction magazines or anthology shows such as The Twilight Zone showcasing stories that aim to be brief, but thought-worthy. 

Thanks to BrainedbySaucepans, I have enough VA connections to get the podcast off the ground, but what I’m missing right now is the fics. So, this is a call for stories that you want narrated in a podcast.

The stories should be submitted to Jade Singers Fanfic Reviews, using this handy button.

Preferred length: 0-3000 words.

Subject Matter Restrictions: Outright pornography and stories that mainly aim for shock value are discouraged. General audience but with mature themes is preferred.

General guidelines: What I’m hoping for is stories that are short, yet don’t feel like throwaways; they should be well-crafted in spite of their brevity. Also, they have to be one-shots, complete stories in-and-of-itself. It’s okay to suggest a story that has sequels, but only if the first installment can stand on its own.

What I’m especially looking for is interesting ideas, stories with a strong theme and in general fics that lean towards the “literary” side of things… without that necessarily implying pretentiousness or stuffy seriousness.

Really, anything you got that’s short and sweet, I’d like to take a look at. It can be an older fic you have lying around, or an old writing prompt or challenge. And if you don’t personally write, I’d still like to hear suggestions for fanfics you like that’d fit the bill (altough obviously I’d have to ask the author for permission before using them.)

What happened to Walker?

OOC: Your guess is as good as mine, I sent the script to his voice actor, but I haven’t heard from him since. I’m guessing he’s just busy.

Behind the scenes trivia: In my first draft, this line was supposed to refer to Raven, but I re-appropriated it here.

OOC: The Elo rating system is a method of ranking competitive players.


OOC: Consult this for context. 

That’d just be two ponies standing in front of the microphone, awkwardly fidgeting… EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! 

That’d just be two ponies standing in front of the microphone, awkwardly fidgeting… EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! 

OOC: Who won?! Who’s next?! 

Wedding?! What did i miss? O.o

Consult this for context.

OOC: Mayor will always be best mare to me….